“The most valuable thing about the digital service network is that it’s a group of people who are engaged in making digital happen. It’s experienced practitioners being open, supportive, and sharing successes and challenges. There’s no other network like it and although it’s new, I view it as a critical building block for the future of digital local government.” - former sfgov CDSO Carrie Bishop


The Digital Service Network has moved! You can find us now at https://digitalservicenetwork.org.

This network is of public servants, for public servants, supported by the Beeck Center and U.S. Digital Response. We’ve started to build a library. We’re also busy planning events, helping transition teams and new administrations with government digitalization, advocating on behalf of digital service teams and efforts, and more.

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Recent Updates

Rules As Code Demo Day, 6/28

Building on the February 2022 report Benefit Eligibility Rules as Code: Reducing the Gap Between Policy and Service Delivery for the Safety Net, our Beeck Center sibling org the Digital Benefits Network is holding a full day of live online-only demonstration sessions of projects and code that are advancing the digitization of eligibility rules and the delivery of public benefits, followed by a collaborative problem solving session on how to advance rules as code for the U.S. social safety net. Rules As Code Demo Day is Tuesday, June 28 – RSVP here!

Sample Code for Unemployment Insurance Modernization

Last week the U.S. Department of Labor released open source sample code for implementing important pieces of the unemployment insurance systems they require states to implement – including state integration wth login.gov. This is important, valuable precedent for changing how the federal government supports the policies it leaves to the states to implement. (For more about why, see recent posts from Shelby and Aaron.)

If you’re working on a state’s UI implementation, let us know! Here at the Beeck Center, the Intergovernmental Software Collaborative and Digital Benefits Network teams are working with federal and state folks on various pieces of that puzzle; we’d love to help, and to hear more about how that’s going for you and your state.

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